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Education for Sustainable Rural Development- A Retrospective of UNESCO INRULED (2008-2022)


The International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) is a UNESCO category 2 centre jointly established in 1994 by the Chinese government and UNESCO. It was previously based in Baoding, Hebei Province and relocated to Beijing Normal University in 2008.

Through research and advocacy, education and training, knowledge management and distribution, INRULED works in the area of rural education, aiming to bring about positive changes in the thinking and behaviour of rural people, and to achieve the social, economic and ecological development of the rural areas that contribute to the realisation of the SDG4 and the 2030 Agenda. INRULED's Key objectives are:
· Promoting international research and development of methods and techniques of rural education;
· Promoting consultation and cooperation among member states by devising policies and strategies in the areas of human resource development for rural areas;
· Creating a wide network for exchange of academic and technical information in the field of rural education among experts in various countries;
· Coordinating cooperative research activities and provide expertise, advice, and facilities for laboratory research and fieldwork to international experts;
· Organising international training workshops and seminars on special subjects and provide fellowships for international research;
· Producing and disseminating publications and materials for the various projects undertaken by UNESCO INRULED.


Under the umbrella of Education for Sustainable Rural Transformation, INRULED has identified the following five thematic areas as its priorities: Gender Equality and Women Leadership, ICT in Education for Rural Development, Skills Development for Rural Transformation, Quality Teachers for Rural Schools, Ecological Civilization and Education for Sustainable Development.

Nearly three decades since 1994, INRULED has been continuously working on rural education, under the framework of Education for All and Education 2030. It has carried out a wide range of programmes and events, through research and advocacy, capacity building, meetings and events, information and networking, to serve for the development of rural education in UNESCO Member States and facilitate South-South cooperation.

2022 marks the 120th anniversary of Beijing Normal University and the 14th year for INRULED’s relocation to the University. This brochure featureing INRULED’s work and its impacts is to celebrate this commemorable year and convey our thanks to the university for its strong and continuous support.

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education