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Strategic plan

INRULED is a country based UNESCO category II Centre focused on research and training in the area of rural education for rural development. It is located in China and in addition to UNESCO support of programs it receives funding from the Chinese Government for infrastructure, facilities, and staff salaries as well as some program funding. INRULED has made a significant contribution to the international community broadly in areas to do with EFA and SDG, especially emphasis on rural education for a poverty alleviation and rural development. It is the only international Centre with a focus on rural education and training and its location in China is significant. It has achieved significant outcomes over the last 24 years.
In order to best achieve its goals leading into its 3rd decade the Centre has begun a process of renewal and redevelopment. In part response to this is the move of the Executive to Beijing Normal University. Additionally a strategic planning process has begun as indicated in this document. This strategic plan outlines the broad focus of the Centre’s activity over the period 2017-2021.
INRULED is well positioned to achieve its goals. It has a significant network through which it engages, and involves in activities. This network will be further developed, expanded and utilized within the Centre’s future activities. Staff development and staff expansion proposals will provide the Centre with an even stronger base upon which to engage in its international activities. The Centre will further utilize Information Communications Technology in its work, and in promotion of approaches to rural education and dissemination of research. 
The following highlighted developments are proposed: in 

  •  Capacity building for education policy and leadership;
  •  Incorporating ICTs into rural education for rural development;
  •  Exploring innovative approaches and good practices to address challenges faced by developing countries; and
  •  Further building networks and nurturing strategic partnerships.

To ensure quality outcomes where resources and capacity are limited the Centre is proposing a focus on three main program areas as follows:

  •  Research and Advocacy;
  •  Education and Training; and
  •  Knowledge Generation, Distribution and Information Services.

To achieve the goals of its strategic plan further development of the management and organizational structure of the Centre

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education