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Talent Development in International Organizations

1. Background

To better serve the national strategy and promote the flow of talents across international organizations, the UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (UNESCO INRULED) posts the first batch of jobs under the trial of the international organizations talent rotation system.


INRULED plans to recruit project assistants in the following five areas:

(1) Gender Equality and Women Leadership (1-2 positions)

(2) ICT in Education for Rural Development (1-2 positions)

(3) Skills Development for Rural Transformation (1-2 positions)

(4) Teacher Education and Teacher Professional Development (1-2 positions)

(5) Education in Ecological Civilization and Sustainable Development (1-2 positions)

Location: Beijing

Duration: 1-2 years


2. Duties and Responsibilities

(1) Support the activities and programmes of INRULED in promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 4;

(2) Assist in the preparation and organization of activities and seminars related to Gender Equality and Women’s Leadership;

(3) Assist in questionnaire design, interviews, data collection and analysis for INRULED’s rural research on gender;

(4) Assist in the integration of gender conception into the analysis, design, implementation and monitoring of project activities;

(5) Assist in the documentation, drafting and writing of project-related reports, etc;

(6) Assist in external liaison, connection building and partnership maintenance for INRULED’s overseas gender projects;

(7) Assist in the provision of technical support to UNESCO Member States and partners of INRULED, including drafting letters and reports, translation, etc;

(8) Assist in the management and coordination of resources required to implement project activities.


3. Requirements

(1) Advanced university degree in gender studies, education, development studies or other sociology related fields;

(2) Experience working in international organizations for more than six months funded by the China Scholarship Council is preferred;

(3) Experience working in fields related to women and children, and rural education and development is preferred;

(4) Strong language skills and academic writing ability;

(5) Experience working in international organizations, in particular UNESCO, is preferred;

(6) Excellent ability in organization and planning, and the ability to identify priorities, complete urgent tasks, and switch between different tasks;

(7) Good interpersonal skills and the ability to establish and maintain effective team relationships in a multicultural environment;

(8) Proficient in English, and knowledge of another foreign language is preferred;

(9) INRULED encourages and supports relevant staff to serve in international organizations. If one is employed by an international organization, he/she will not be considered as breaking the contract.


4. Salary and Benefits

(1) There is a probationary period of 6 months, during which the employee will receive the full salary. A formal contract will be signed after six months if the employee passes the probationary assessment, and the employee will receive two additional months’ salary at the end of the year with reference to the  salary standard;

(2) A project management system applies to the project assistant, and the salary is paid according to the project performance assessment;

(3) INRULED provides an additional meal allowance of 450 RMB per month, which will be received with the salary each month;

(4) Employees at INRULED receive an annual health check-up in April;

(5) INRULED operates in accordance with the academic calendar of Beijing Normal University, with summer and winter breaks;

(6) INRULED holds staff capacity building and training projects every quarter, and the themes are set quarterly according to INRULED’s objectives;

(7) INRULED organizes various projects, conferences and training every year, gathers top senior experts in rural education and international development on different levels of UNESCO, and provides various academic and professional learning opportunities.


5. How to Apply

Interested candidates are invited to submit resumes in English and Chinese, Candidate Forms, and supplementary materials, such as certificates, combined into one PDF file and named under “job title-degree-school-name” to chenan@inruled.org. Please send the email under the subject of “Application for Project Assistant of INRULED”. The Human Resources Officer will reply within 3-5 business days after receiving the resume. Please pay attention to your email.

Contact: Ms. Che

Note: Please do not call for questions and consultation at the initial stage of application, and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education