“Education and Rural Development” course series


Founded in 1994, the International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED), UNESCO aims to facilitate the sustainable development in rural area by education. Being one of the UNESCO Category II Centre, INRULED has been working in the field of rural education through research and advocacy, education and training, and knowledge generation, distribution and information service. Its mission is to promote positive changes in thoughts and behaviors of rural populations through educational research, contributing to the final goal of achieving sustainable socio-economic development in rural area, which align with Education 2030 Goal and SDG4.


 “Training” constitutes an integral part of INRULED’s core functions. INRUELD is committed to provide training projects that communicate INRULED’s understanding towards the key concepts, tools and experiences related to “education for rural transformation”. Under this background, the course series on “Education and Development” are launched, which review China’s theoretical framework and effective practices in promoting societal development through education. The courses intend to provide useful reference for the wider developing world in exploring the potential pathway for sustainable rural development through education. The course series feature five sub-courses including Rural Education and Rural Development: Key Indicators and Data Analysis, Womenleadership for Rural Education Development, ICT in Education for Rural Development, Skills Training for Leapfrog Rural Development, and Rural Teachers and Social Development.


Course content and updates:

The course series is composed of 5 models, with each carrying 16 course hours. The recorded courses will be released online in English with free access to the public. The course materials will include: Syllabus, PPT, exercises and other teaching materials. Currently the 1st phase of the course development is completed.


Course resources:

The syllabus (draft) of each course is provided below to welcome cooperation and suggestions from potential partners or interested individuals or organizations. Progress related to course development will be updated as the project proceeds.


Course 1: Rural Education and Rural Development: Key Indicators and Data Analysis

                 Attachments: concept note,course outline, guided learning plan

Course 2: Womenleadership for Rural Education Development

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Course 3: ICT in Education for Rural Development: concept note

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Course 4: Skills Training for Leapfrog Rural Development

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Course 5: Rural Teachers and Social Development

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