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Towards Lifelong Learning for All: ICT Enhanced Literacy Practices in China


In the pursuit to share China’s explorations in eliminating illiteracy in rural China through ICT approaches on the International Literacy Day in 2017 (8 September 2017), INRULED has developed the report “Towards Lifelong Learning for All: ICT Enhanced Literacy Practices in China”. This report first brings in a brief discussion of different perspectives towards understanding literacy in the global educational arena and then introduces the highlights of China’s literacy progress in line with the international development frameworks, national strategy and practices at different levels. Five case studies relatively underscoring the use of digital means in rural education for ethnic minorities, “credentialing”/”non-credentialing” adult education, vocational training and lifelong learning for elderly people in China are laid out as outstanding literacy campaign practices in rural China.

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education