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International Competence Development Committee visited UNESCO INRULED

On the morning of January 12, 2022, Mr. Zhang Ning, Chairman of the International Competence Development Committee, Ms. An Yanqi, Secretary General, and Mr. Dai Zhengming visited the UNESCO INRULED. Prof. Zeng Xiaodong, Executive Director of INRULED and the staff participated in the symposium in the 5th Meeting Room of Jingshi Hall.



First of all, Director Zeng Xiaodong extended a warm welcome to the three-member delegation from the Secretariat of the International Competence Development Committee, and conducted in-depth discussions on the UNESCO INRULED's international competency work and future cooperation directions. Director Zeng Xiaodong systematically introduced the historical development of the UNESCO INRULED and the current planning on projects, hoping to take this opportunity to exchange and learn with the International Competence Development Committee. Chairman Zhang Ning gave corresponding suggestions for the future development of the UNESCO INRULED and approved the direction for projects of the UNESCO INRULED. He said that international organizations have their own particularities, and they cannot only pay attention to developed countries. Nor will the UN focus solely on developed countries. At the same time, Secretary General Zhang Ning praised the UNESCO INRULED's achievements in the cultivation of international talents, and gave valuable guidance on the cultivation of international competent talents from a higher dimension.



Chairman Zhang Ning, International Competence Development Committee


Executive Director Zeng Xiaodong, UNESCO INRULED


Afterwards, Chairman Zhang Ning talked about the current problems in the cultivation of talent competencies in international organizations, and deeply analyzed the reasons behind and the entry points for future improvement. He emphasized that cultivating competent talents for international organizations requires an international perspective. At the same time, we need to deepen our ties with developing countries and contribute China's strength in global governance. In addition, cultivating people with competency in international organizations does not mean that only working in international organizations is the only way out, but rather cultivating leadership and competencies in all aspects. Talking about future cooperation, Chairman Zhang Ning gave a comprehensive description of the current seven tasks of the International Competency Development Committee. The two parties exchanged the latest progress of the work and discussed in depth the possibility and direction of future cooperation.


After the symposium, Chairman Zhang Ning visited the office area of the UNESCO INRULED, inquired the work flow of the UNESCO INRULED, and once again expressed his attitude to further deepen cooperation with the UNESCO INRULED.



UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education