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UNESCO INRULED and Sichuan Normal University discuss cooperation

On the afternoon of May 6, 2021, representatives from the Office of International Exchanges and Cooperation of Sichuan Normal University, including Zheng Hongying, the Director of the Office, Wang Wei, chief of the Overseas Departure Section, and Huang Bin, chief of the General Affairs Section, visited the centre. Representatives of the centre and Sichuan Normal University had a cooperation exchange meeting in the conference room of Beijing Normal University's Jing Shi Xue Tang. Zeng Xiaodong, Executive Director of the centre, Yao Jikun, Office Manager, and relevant project staff of the centre participated in this meeting.



Zeng Xiaodong, introduced the key projects currently carried out by the centre, including the flagship projects in the five major work areas of the centre based on the construction of base counties, following the guiding idea of promoting rural development through education.


Zheng Hongying introduced Sichuan Normal University’s exploration of rural revitalization and international talent training, featuring the construction of the "Sichuan Rural Revitalization Institute", which serves the national strategy of precise poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and supports the local development, especially education.


INRULED and Sichuan Normal University exchanged views on rural revitalization, rural education, and talent training for international organizations, etc. and explored the possibility of future cooperation based on the strategic partnership. 

UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education