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Project Based Learning Regarding Rural Education and Rural Development

Course background

The development of rural areas across the world, especially that of the developing countries, is highly relevant to the realization of quality education for all, and the efforts to eradicate poverty. The youth are the torchbearers of the future development of their home countries, and the healthy development of the whole society also hinges on whether the youth understand the sustainable development framework, and possess the capacity to comprehend and solve the wide array of problems rooted in the underdeveloped rural areas.

The UNESCO International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (UNESCO-INRULED), along with the China Education Online, co-designed this program and the relevant courses, to provide training to the youth on their social accountability, capacity to support future rural development, global citizenship, and the understanding towards sustainable development. The program marks an effort to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents with a local ground and a global vision that will contribute to the efficiency of the rural construction and development, and narrow the gap between urban and rural development.


Course objectives

The core courses of this project-based program aim to give young students a basic understanding of the SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations and international governance strategies, and show them the current situation of rural education and social development in China, and familiarize them with the rural development issues worldwide, especially in Africa, so as to stimulate their interest in development studies and help them master the basic research methods and skills to study rural issues.


UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education