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Upcoming events | Online International Symposium: Digital Girls – Girls’ Engagement in ICT in the Asia-Pacific Context


On 11 June 2022, The UNESCO International Centre for Rural Education and Research (UNESCO INRULED) will hold an online International Symposium: Digital Girls - Girls’ Engagement in the Asia-Pacific Context.


Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls is a goal itself in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG5) and is closely linked to SDG4 on inclusive, equitable and quality Education and lifelong learning for all. Gender equality is one of UNESCO's two global priorities.


In the digital age, technology is not only having a profound impact on economies and societies, but is also driving profound changes in attitudes and institutions in the field of education. In addition, technology has changed the way people learn and has placed greater demands on their social, digital literacy and skills.


The COVID-19 pandemic is still spreading globally, with a particularly negative impact on girls in poor rural areas due to school closures. The pandemic has demonstrated the enormous potential of ICT to transform education. Many countries are using online education to mitigate the negative results of the pandemic on school closures, yet the response has not been sufficiently inclusive, with regional, class and gender disparities in the distribution of digital resources, resulting in new educational inequalities and further widen the digital gender divide.


On the one hand, rural women and girls are both vulnerable groups affected by the digital gender divide and need special attention. On the other hand, girls, especially adolescent girls are also creators of technology through which they break down barriers and obstacles created by stereotypes and exclusion. Faced with the risk of a widening digital gender divide during the ongoing pandemic, UNESCO INRULED is committed to promoting “Digital Girls”, with a focus on strengthening the digital learning and digital skills in rural areas.


The long existence of gender bias has socially and emotionally held back girls’ engagement and performance in ICT in Asian-Pacific region. To further the above-mentioned concepts within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region, UNESCO INRULED will hold the international symposium to provide a platform for experts, researchers and young scholars in related fields to share their knowledge and practice, to discuss the future corporation concerning “digital girls” , and to find solutions to bridge the digital gender divide.


Date: June 11, 2022


Time: 2:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. (UTC+8)


Meeting Platform: Zoom


Meeting ID: 946 4749 7599


Password: 793868


Link: https://zoom.us/j/94647497599?pwd=ajd1N0FYUVB3THd4VllCemVnTHVMZz09


Language: English (No interpretation provided.)



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